Confessions of a Library Junkie

I'm a library person. I love books and have many at our house, but usually when I buy a book it's because I've already read it and want to be able to reread it or skim passages or simply look and remember what I thought about a given book. That's not always the case, but frequently.

The problem with buying a new book is that I'm always visiting the library and discovering more previously unread books that I want to read than I'll ever have time for. And that deadline hanging over the book makes it more likely I'll pick it up instead of one I own, which has no deadline.

So coming up here is my incentive to read some of the books that have been lying unread, or books I've wanted to reread but haven't gotten around to. I have a bag full of books. Fantasy and SF, mainstream, short stories. All fiction, I realize--no nonfiction or poetry.


Within 15 hours of arriving here, I'd already discovered the local library and gotten myself a library card. I'm being good so far--I have a few things out, but I've been mostly reading the books I brought with. Fortunately the library is small, so in the brief time I skimmed the library, I didn't see a tone of the books that are high on my to-read list. I am hoping to get my bag of books read though.


Joe said…
I believe I have the same issue. My money is dear so generally I want to only buy the books I KNOW I like (or will like), that is will be worth the investment.

And this is why I generally have anywhere between 6 and 16 books out from the library at any given time. Right now I have 13 out. Only 1 of which was nonfiction (Naked Economics, by Charles Wheelan).
Daniel Ausema said…
Yeah, my list of library checkouts is always huge--part of that is the things I check out for my son, and it frequently includes some CDs, but always lots of books too.