Report from the mountains

Not a lot new to report around here. We had some family up for a little while this weekend, which was fun. We drove around a bit, found some historic buildings to tour, enjoyed the views of the mountains. It's strange to be up here, away from a normal schedule. Because my wife has to work on weekends (and holidays) and gets random days off during the week, I really have to pause and think before I remember which day it is. But just one more week to go.

In writing I've been working on getting a few stories submission-ready, and I even finished a rough draft of a brand new story. I've been focusing so much on revising of late that it's become rare to do much new writing, so that was good. I hope to do some more new writing of some sort yet before we head back down the mountains, but I'm debating between two different stories to work on.

That's all for now. Internet is working well at the moment, so I hope to be able to post more frequently over the next few days.