Poetry Sale to The Pedestal

Another poem sold! And this one should be out in just a few weeks. I'm hoping to get a chance to make a recording of the poem before then as well, though I'm not sure yet when I'll have the time. The poem is called "The Alien Ruins."

After getting the news, I looked back through my records. The first time I ever submitted to them was in 2003 for a batch of non-speculative poems that I'd written in college. My note in my spreadsheet indicates that whoa, bizarre, they allow online submissions...  Those poems plus a college-written short story to Glimmer Train (also online, so bizarre!) were the only submissions I made that year, and I submitted nothing in 2002. It would be a couple more years before I was submitting things with any regularity.

So finally breaking into a market after twelve years...persistence? Or just stubborn luck?