Serial fiction reviewing

Are you looking to be the next Charles Dickens? The next Elizabeth Gaskell? Do you have a serialized story that you want reviewed? Read on...

Well, this has been in the works for a few weeks, but I finally have things squared away to make it official. I keep mentioning in interviews and guest blog posts and the like how difficult it's been to get Spire City reviewed. All the reviewing architecture out there--the reviewing blogs and forums, etc.--is geared toward books (or sometimes short stories), so I've met with a lot of bafflement and silence when I've approached them about getting reviewed.

I finally decided that there might be other writers in a similar boat. So I'm going to be reviewing serialized works for The Geekiary, which does a lot of reviews and recaps of TV shows, movies, anime, etc., and is expanding more into written works.

At this point I'm looking primarily for works that are being released in at least a somewhat professional way--not something writers are just posting up on their blog each time they finish a chapter and calling it serialized. It can be through a small press publisher, like Spire City is, or self-published or even something that appears in an ezine or other format. If you're unsure, it doesn't hurt to ask.

You can comment on this post, and I may notice your comment in time to get back to you, but the best way to contact me will be to email me at my fancy new reviewing address, serialfiction.daniel [at]

At this point I'm also open to other projects that for whatever reason don't fit at other reviewing sites. So small press or indie-published works that fall outside the typical novel (experimental, poetry-prose mixes, whatever), you can query to see if it's something I might be able to review. It does have to fall somewhere in the speculative fiction realm, to fit with The Geekiary's remit, though I've never been a fan of defining what is and isn't speculative very firmly.

Also, in keeping with The Geekiary's mission, I'm very open to works by and about people from under-represented groups and identities. So please send a query to see if it's a work I might review. I look forward to reading them!