A listing of season one episodes

I've been meaning to clean up the Spire City tab here with that latest information. Since the two season one bundles are now out, I don't really need each episode listed there as well. However, I didn't want to completely lose that information. So for anyone interested in an episode by episode breakdown of Season One, Infected, here it is:

Episode 1
, A New Infection: Chels is an immigrant girl who has found a home among the infected, though she is still healthy. She watches new beetles arrive by train and does her part to help the band find food and allies within the city. Infection, though, is always a danger...for her and every one who chooses to help.

Episode 2, Batan's Caper: As the members of the Weave try to help Chels through the initial stages of her infection, Batan decides they need a distraction. Two wealthy brothers who come through the area seem like the perfect targets of a con game that might bring in enough money to keep them all fed for months...if they don't have to spend too much money to pull off the con in the first place.

Episode 3, The Spires: Desperate to escape thinking about her newly infected body, Chels seeks an old friend of her mother's, one of the city's singers who live their lives chained to the spires so that their songs guide the city's beetles through the maze of streets below.

Episode 4, A Watcher in the Alleys: Marrel has learned that the scientist Orgood—or someone—is seeking out those who are infected and targeting anyone willing to help them. She sends Batan to get weapons from a gang of infected criminals, while Chels and Sairen go to the immigrant quarter to warn those there and ask for any help they're willing to give. But who is the strange man who seems to be following them?

Episode 5, High Society: In the hope of learning more about who is pursuing the infecteds, Chels and Williver attend a high society ball in honor of the inventor Orgood. The ball is a whirl of too many people, of elaborate food carved into sculptures and dance fighting and whispers and intrigues on all sides. How is Chels supposed to maintain her false identity long enough to learn anything that will help them?

Episode 6, Completing the Map: Spire City is full of abandoned alleys, sewer tunnels, disused attics, and forgotten cellars. For years Batan has been mapping these routes, which form a sort of alternate city, unknown to both the uninfected citizens and the authorities. He can feel his body failing, though, as his infection runs its course. Can he give the others his knowledge before he completes?

Episode 7, Mint, the Sleepless One: Among the many experiments of the scientist Orgood, one of his earliest was an attempt to modify people so they wouldn't need to sleep. The perfect solution for bodyguards and police officers, except the experiment failed. Mint survived the experiment and needs no sleep, but he has other side effects. When he can, he wanders the city as Orgood's agent, seeking out those who are infected so he can report back to Orgood, and adding to the numbers of infecteds every day.

Episode 8, Crossing the City: Desperate for the cash to see the Weave through the winter, Marrel accepts a job from a gang of infecteds. All it requires is some muscles and careful timing, smuggling a mysterious load of crates from one side of the city to another. But can she trust the other gang? That question is nothing to the mystery of the craft that will come and pick up the goods.

Episode 9, Calling in the Press: Inspired by a newspaper she stumbles across, Chels decides they need a news writer to speak for them, to tell people what the infections really are and who is responsible. Can she find a reporter willing to help, and if she does, is she ready for all the questions he will ask? Who in Spire City can she ever trust?

Episode 10, Lady Janshi's Treasure: On their way to help the Priestess Chemille with some work at her church, Williver, Pemisza, and Chels become lost in an old catacomb that wasn't part of Batan's maps. A strange mosaic on the floor recalls a much earlier city. And the work in the church also brings them face to face with history, a history that will tempt them, one way or another.

Episode 11, The Stranger: In the middle of a snowstorm, Sairen finds a man raving outside the Weave. He sings and shouts in a language none of them know. They'd leave him alone, except his singing might well draw attention to their hiding place, but how can they get him to go away? As they try to find an answer to that, some mysteries about the stranger reveal themselves and force Marrel's band to change their plans.

Episode 12, In Claw's Catacombs: Trying to protect the Weave and keep watch is stretching Marrel's band thin. They need more members, but where can they go to find them? At Williver's prompting they journey underground to seek out Claw, if he still lives. What they find is not at all what they were expecting.

Episode 13, Mint's Arrival: Despite all their caution, Mint has tracked down the residents of the Weave to their neighborhood. Mingling threats with subtle promises to anyone who will betray the infecteds, he is coming closer and closer to discovering where they live. And now he may have kidnapped an innocent, uninfected child. The time has come for a real confrontation, but who will prevail? Find out in the climactic finale of Season One: Infected.