A great review for Spire City: Season One

I'm very pleased with this review of Season One.

Especially loving "Some of the imagery is mesmerizing and I thought the author did a wonderful job of giving me a sense of place."

And this: "The author has done a good job of crafting diverse male and female characters with strengths and weaknesses that worked well together. And their slow transformation into the animals they have been infected with is a constant reminder of how fragile and doomed their lives are."

Some valid criticisms as well, about the episodes not always having much to do with the underlying conflict with Orgood. There are reasons why I went the way I did. It goes back to comments I've made here about the balance of return-to-status-quo episodes and those that propel the longer arc of the stories. But it's certainly possible another approach would have worked better. As the series goes on, I think the looming confrontation with Orgood takes an increasingly central role.