"Orthography in the Lands of Yahm" in Strange Horizons

My poem "Orthography in the Lands of Yahm" is up at Strange Horizons today.

If you're curious about this oddly named land, I've had several flash fiction pieces written about it. "City of Games" first appeared in the anthology Sporty Spec and is also available from Anthology Builder. "City of Facades" appeared in Cinema Spec (another anthology from Raven Electrick Press). And "Cities of Nostalgia" appeared in Kaleidotrope when it was still a print-only zine. There are a handful of others as well that I hope to have published eventually, some completed and polished and some in rough or unfinished form.

Yahm, for what it's worth, is supposed to evoke Lord Dunsany's "Idle Days on the Yann." My inspiration from the beginning was a combination of Lord Dunsany and Italo Calvino, whimsy and wonder. Other influences have come and gone through them, but they always remain in the back of my mind as I'm writing these.