Three Days of Unnamed Silence

"Three Days of Unnamed Silence" was recently published in Diabolical Plots, the second time I've had a story there. The story is a futuristic one of the loss of identity. Various things went into the inspiration for this including a print a college friend and artist gave me that showed a worker struggling to turn a giant wheel. I wrote it much more recently, though, as an entry in the WYRM's Gauntlet competition. I wasn't able to join in this year, but I've greatly enjoyed entering the competition the past couple of years (and it's led to more than one publication).

Tangent Online has a generally positive review of the story already up, though more plot summary than anything else. Key line: "This shift in view point cleverly mirrors the central idea of how society strips us of our identities. It is a clever and unusual tale..." I'll take that.

So give the story a read. And then keep the WYRM's Gauntlet in mind next year when it comes around (it's been October into December previous years but was a bumped forward a couple of months this year).