Pre-order The Silk Betrayal now!

If you watch this space closely, you may have noticed a new tab showing up above (or in the list of tabs on the mobile version): The Silk Betrayal!

The Silk Betrayal is a story of magic and revolution in a caste-based society.

Or in a slightly longer form:

Pavresh hoped to master the intricacies of arcist magic. Instead, he finds himself entangled in the city's events. While princes scheme against each other for power, revolutionaries plot against them all to overthrow the rigid caste system. Poets try to inspire change with heretical words, while militants plan more forceful action. A woman born to the princely class, rendered untouchable by a disfiguring accident, sees in revolution a path to a better life. All these strands meet at the home of Chaitan, the elderly master magician from whom Pavresh wishes to learn.

In such an environment, betrayal is inevitable. When loyalties conflict, how does one decide whom to betray?

It is the first book of the Arcist Chronicles, but it stands alone. What is arcist magic? What's the story beyond this novel? Who are the characters, and where does it take place? I'll have some more posts coming up to answer all those questions.

You can pre-order this book in print (for a discount!) now, here: Guardbridge Books online store. It will ship in early December, at which point the price will revert to its normal cost, and the print book will be available from other online stores as well. Ebook versions will follow later.