Another new story available, "The Desert Cure"

Mythic Delirium's fall 2017 issue came out last month, but as always they release the stories and poems online over a three-month span so those who don't subscribe/buy a copy can still read them. So my short story "The Desert Cure" is now available to read online.

This story has a special place for me. There are many stories I've heard about my ancestors--in fact two of my grandparents wrote down chapbook-like accounts of their own childhoods and a third for their life after they married that they gave to all the kids and grandkids. So I mashed a bunch of those stories and others together in this very surreal take on immigrating to a new land.

One that's especially intrigued me is of my great-grandmother who immigrated at a young age to New Mexico territory because the doctors thought the dry air would be better for her TB-infected lungs. "The Desert Cure" is one of two short stories I've written about such a situation (the other is perhaps even more Weird/New Weird than this surreal one...and is currently unpublished).

So give the story a read, enjoy its story of immigration and uncanny gods, and then subscribe to Mythic Delirium to get the rest of the fall issue.