Two story acceptances to mention

I'm excited to announce two new stories that will be published...soon, ish. Both are stories that I originally wrote quite a while ago but because of their style or approach or something could never find a good fit for them. So that makes it even better to have them accepted.

The first is "The Front" to Bourbon Penn, which will be the third time I have a story in that market. It's a dark, slipstream/magical realist story of a war that never ends.

The second is "Grey Eytel and His Band of Birds" to the anthology Beyond the Hedge, Volume 2. This is one of a number of stories I've written that take place in the New Weird-influenced city of Boskrea. (The same setting as the Locus-recommended story "Scolyard's 'The Constructs Foresee Their Doom'" in Three-Lobed Burning Eye, among others.) This story reaches far back into the history of the city, telling the tale of its well as the multiple ways that tale has been retold and reimagined through the city's history.


E.L. Wagner said…
Oooh, congrats Daniel. You rock!
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks! :)