Spire City, Season Three: Unwoven is available

Common wisdom is to hold lots of big, celebratory events when you have a book release. I...chose to disappear to the woods for a few days. Admittedly I had internet access a good chunk of that vacation time, but when I did, I didn't have the mental focus to do a lot of promo-ing and the like. So call it my unplanned experiment in null marketing...

But now the book is available across most online bookstores. So if you've been waiting for the full bundle to be out rather than reading the episodes as they came out (and I know many of you have), then pick up a copy, in print or digital format.

And whether you've already picked it up on your own or are doing so now, consider leaving a review--for this season and for the earlier seasons as well. The more reviews, the more it helps bring in new readers! Thanks.

Here are a few of those links, but if there's another bookstore you prefer, there's a good chance you can find it there, too:

Amazon (print and digital)
Barnes & Noble (print and digital)
Smashwords (digital; Smashwords also supplies titles to lots of other digital bookstores, so you get the Smashwords version at most online sources)
Createspace (print, and my preferred source for getting print copies)