Spire City review

Google Alerts notified me to this in-depth review of Season One: http://galleywampus.com/review-spire-city-season-one-infected-by-daniel-ausema/

It has some caveats. Is the series a slow burn? An unconventional approach in some ways, that might take getting used to? Yeah, that's a fair statement, and I'm perfectly OK with that. But the reviewer ultimately found it highly rewarding, and one he's going to recommend to others. So I'm quite thrilled with the review.
Chels is our main character, she is an immigrant orphan girl whose only real family is a bunch of misfits that are brought together by the fact they have all been touched by a virus that turns a regular human into an actual animal. She lives in a world where the rich and the powerful do not care about the poor and the weak and this brings me to an interesting observation about this book. I cannot help, but feel that Daniel Ausema was making some sort of social commentary on our world and society within his fictional world as a lot of elements he touches upon are very relevant in modern society.
Daniel Ausema has crafted a really interesting tale that is both amazing and terrifying all at once; I can’t help, but be excited by it.
...then you’re left with a memorable story that will leave you, wanting more. I’m definitely going to recommend this one to my friends. If you enjoyed the book, as much as, I have you really want to read the follow-ups Season Two: Pursued and the upcoming Season Three: Unwoven.
Most excellent.