Season Two Bundle, cover art and pre-order!

Here's the cover art for Season Two: Pursued! Once again, love the work done by KMD Web Designs.

But wait, that's not all...

The book is available for pre-order from the various Smashwords' affiliates, including Smashwords itself and Barnes & Noble. And it appears that it may have even been released early from CreateSpace, so if you're looking for the print version, you might be able to get a physical copy even before the book is officially released.

While I like the serial nature of this project, I hear from many readers who say they'd rather wait until the whole season is out and read it in a more traditional way. And that's fine with me, if it's what you prefer. So now is the time to put in your pre-order or even order a physical copy and (potentially) get started on reading it sooner.