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Targeted by a mad scientist's deadly serum, these outcasts band together to uncover the truth and to fight back. 
Spire City is home to mighty machines of steam power and clockwork, and giant beetles pull picturesque carriages over cobbled streets, but there is a darker secret behind these wonders. A deadly infection, created by a mad scientist, is spreading through the city, targeting the poor and powerless, turning them slowly into animals. A group of those infected by the serum join together to survive, to trick the wealthy out of their money, and to fight back. 
Months have passed since the confrontation with the sleepless Mint, and now Orgood is becoming more aggressive again in infecting the people on the streets and pursuing those who have already been infected. Can those in the Weave answer in kind, or will the attempt wipe them all out? Find out in Season Two: Pursued. 
This sequel to Spire City, Season One: Infected includes all thirteen episodes of the second season of this steampunk-fantasy series. The series will conclude with Spire City, Season Three: Unwoven.
You can get Season One: Infected at the same bookstores as well: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, CreateSpace, Kobo (and others)


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