Another guest post

Slight delay on my posting this, but be sure to check out my guest post over on Rachael Acks's blog, about steampunk and privilege and telling the stories from all levels of society. One of my big complaints about much of fantasy, even books that I greatly enjoy otherwise, is the emphasis on bloodlines and people being born to the right families. Even when it's not stated outright, this sense often gets accepted too blindly for my liking. So this post goes into a bit more of how I see that playing out in steampunk especially.


Lindsey Duncan said…
Great post! I've never been a big fan of steampunk (something about the aesthetic just doesn't "work" for me), but I loved what I've read of Spire City. I'm having fun in my current project with a very outsider character who's trying to figure out the human obsession with inheritance, royalty, bloodlines, politics ... it's been fun.
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks! And that sounds cool. When will I get to see some of this project? :)