The first Darkside Codex novel

My Darkside Codex novella doesn't come out until the end of next week, but remember that it's a shared world, so there are other novels and novellas coming out as well that flesh out the city and the surrounding land. Being among the first writers to play in the Southwatch playground, my story will help define the setting for future writers, which is a lot of fun to imagine.

But I can say more about that later. For now, the thing I wanted to mention is that the first novel has come out, Storm Angel by C. A. Chevault. It looks like it takes a very different look at the city, which is of course the idea with a shared world like this. You can check out updates on the Darkside Codex blog, including information on the first book and an interview with the author.

My novella will be the second release, and I know of one more that's currently in the editing process. So those three will form the first wave of stories with future releases building on them. It will be fun to watch how it goes from there.