Episode 2, Batan's Caper

Episode 2 is available today!

There's a bit of an episode-1 spoiler in the description of episode 2. So fair warning if that kind of thing bothers you, make sure you finish reading episode 1 first. Not much of a spoiler--the title of episode 1 always made it clear that someone was going to get infected. So now as the band deals with this new infection, Batan realizes they need some sort of distraction, and two wealthy brothers who are looking for workers in the neighborhood prove just the right kind of distraction. With Williver's help, he comes up with a con game that could earn the band a good deal of money, if all goes well. All never goes well...

Available again from Musa, Amazon, and B&N. I'm told there are more online bookstores coming, but because of how they work, some take longer to post, and some will have to wait until the full season is available.