Short Fiction Tuesday

A few weeks ago I mentioned a rather long story I was reading (and enjoying) but hadn't yet finished, "And Other Such Delights" by James Leckey. I finished that the other day and found it to be a very good story, and especially enjoyed the Dying Earth feel to it (or the Moribund Sun, as Leckey calls it). Bopping around, then, I found that he has at least one more Moribund Sun story, "The Deathless Ones" in Fantastic Horror. It's a much shorter story, and horror is definitely the right classification, but it also does a good job of showcasing the decadent society Leckey has created. (There's also a hint of Dunsany in the mythology within the story, which I appreciated.)

In other reading, I also enjoyed Megan Arkenberg's "The Copperroof War" in Ideomancer. This isn't the first time I've mentioned one of her stories here. What I especially like here is the way the chronology plays out, starting when the war begins and then alternating sections with one continuing the war and its consequences, the other proceeding backwards to give the context. Cool structure that's keeping my interest and curiosity high. Plus, the story is set in a sprawling house so big it holds multiple of these days I'm going to have to blog about why making things enormously big appeals to me so much, if for nothing else than so that I understand it myself...