The Monkey and the Inkpot

I haven't been reading much nonfiction for the past week or two. One things I have been reading is Danielewski's House of Leaves. I've been aware of the book and its high reputation for years, but finally was able to get my hands on a copy. I'm loving the intricate back and forth of the various storylines and the whimsical footnotes (though I have to admit I'm far more interested in Navidson's film and Zampano's commentary on it than on Johnny Truant's tangents and adventures).

I'm not sure that it's inspiring me to write more experimental stuff at the moment, but I do have a few stories that are intellectual experiments in somewhat similar ways, stories that I've either not submitted at all or submitted only a few places and not sent back out. So this is making me want to get those out again and see what markets they may be a good fit for.