I haven't come across anything especially inspiring this week--in part because it's been one of those weeks when everything seems to be coming to a head at once, especially at the end of this week as we get ready for my in-laws to visit (as well as making preparations for a trip to northern California later this summer).

I have been learning about some pretty out-there political ideas that are apparently alive and well in Northern Colorado. Like conspiracy theorist out there. They tried to get one of our city council members recalled, accusing her of being a secret agent (seriously). Their main problem is apparently that she takes environmental factors into account as the city does its planning (horrors!). Fortunately they failed to get enough signatures, or we would have been footing the bill for a special election, less than a year before the regularly scheduled election. At times it's comical. At times it's disturbing that people buy into this. I haven't found any direct inspiration from this, but perhaps it'll work it's way into a story some day.