Friday, March 12, 2010

Speculative fiction in other countries

There's a good article on Locus today about 2009-published books from other countries, many in other languages and not yet translated into English. I always like to learn about the broader world of fiction, so it's fascinating to learn a bit about these. The best titles (after translation): The Wind in the Umbrella Pines from Czech Republic and And One Day in Siena the Orc Grabbed the She-mammal from Italy. And a couple that the premise especially struck me, Hydromania from Israel, in which water has become the new (scarce) currency and Enciclop├ędia da Est├│ria Universal from Portugal, which in summary seems very Borgesian...but that's a good thing to me. I only wish they'd been able to get some Spanish-language books, because then there'd be a chance I could read them already. Maybe some of the others have been or soon will be translated into Spanish...

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