Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Short Fiction Tuesday

I seemed to have a difficult time focusing on short stories this week. I have a bunch of tabs open with stories that seem interesting, that I want to read...but I haven't read beyond the first paragraph or so of any of them. I tend to do that anyway, and I even still have a tab open with a story from early February, but it's seemed more pronounced this week. Is it my fault? The fault of the stories I've come across? Probably the former.

Anyway, one I did read was Michael Bishop's "The Library of Babble." It's a perplexing story, one that doesn't offer answers to its own central question of what the library is--or rather what it's for--but I enjoyed it. There is an answer, the story seems to say, and it's one that the protagonist's son discovers, but that answer can't be expressed in words, only in music.

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