A couple of weeks ago I grabbed a book of surrealism from the library, part history of the movement, but largely full-color pictures of many works of surreal art--paintings, sculptures, photographs.

One artist that caught my attention was Leonara Carrington. Not the picture that's above, actually--that's one I found online, the title of which translates as The Magical World of the Maya. The more I look at it, the more I love it and want to see the real painting in person.

The work that first caught my eye was The Pleasures of Dagobert, but it shares some qualities with this. There's a sort of medieval tapestry feel to it at a glance, and certainly a Hieronymous Bosch sense to some of the figures within. It's a very busy painting, and I like that--so much to see, so many details that you might not notice until the second or third time. You can see a smaller version of the painting at this other blog (for some reason, I couldn't get that image to show up in my post).

Definitely an artist I want to remember and see more of.