Cave dwellers singing

I love to find articles about life and cultures of peoples from all eras, and this one is especially cool. Turns out the cave pictures correspond to the places in caves with the best acoustics, and some of those locations required them to crawl through low tunnels to find. I especially like the idea that they may have relied on essentially echolocation to find these--I've seen some fascinating stories about blind people training themselves to rely quite nicely on echolocation. Also, the fact that the echoes at times resemble the animals in the pictures is very intriguing.


Unknown said…
That's pretty amazing - both how the cave dwellers did it, but also how the scientists studying it were able to piece it all together.

See all the amazing things that can be learned if people take the time to turn off their Ipods for a few minutes?
Daniel Ausema said…
Yeah, it is a pretty impressive bit of investigation.
Elliot said…