An airplane cemetery

On something of a whim a few months ago, I subscribed to the magazine Pulse. I haven't really paid as much attention to it as I thought I might, but I got an email this morning linking me to some web content, including an upcoming single for the band Calexico. I'd never listened to them, but it's a good song. Also on the page is a teaser video for their upcoming album--just an instrumental in the background, a guitar style that I like, but that could be from just about anybody. What caught my attention, though, is the video shots of the airplane cemetery, all these old aircraft sitting out in the open field. Very cool.

Well, the Romantics had something for graveyards and old ruins (both of which fit these images really), and I get that...though I don't necessarily identify myself as a Romantic. I'm probably more influenced by Romanticism than I recognize, but at the same time I find a danger in romanticizing things too much and in certain aspects of writing that the Romantic mindset can lead to. So I'll actively work against that in my writing at times as well.

None of which stops me from enjoying the footage in that video.


Been there, climbed around on them when I was a kid, even a teenager. It is a cool place, you could run there forever. We're Romantics or vampires I guess.
Daniel Ausema said…
Very cool, Jason--I'm sure I'd have loved that as a kid as well!