I was out with my son this morning and didn't even find out we were under a tornado warning until after the very powerful (class EF 3) tornado had torn through nearby Windsor. We were at the library as our last stop of the morning when my wife called to say, "Umm, so did you know about the tornado?" She hadn't heard about it until then either. Googlemaps gives the distance from the library to the center of Windsor as 10.5 miles. A bit of hail had fallen as we were approaching the library, but nothing like the golf-ball- and baseball-sized hail elsewhere.

So we're fine. Windsor is where my wife will be working starting in July, and we have friends who live out there as well. The pictures and video on local news stations make it look pretty bad in there. It's pretty amazing that there were apparently no fatalities among all that damage, though one person was killed in a campground in an earlier part of the tornado's path.

PS It's sort of strange to me to see Windsor described as a farm town--I'm sure that's its heritage and a part of its nature today, but coming at it from the Fort Collins direction, what you see is a ritzy bedroom community for people who want the larger houses without paying for what they'd cost here in Fort Collins. I suspect that many of those neighborhoods on the west side of the town aren't included in the population account. My wife's soon-to-be office is right in the area where it switches from those neighborhoods to the older parts of town that probably show much more of its history...which means that when I've gone over there, I've often only come as far as the office. The office is also directly in the middle of where they're saying some of the worst damage is--don't know yet what damage it might have sustained. They're asking any non-residents to stay out of Windsor until things are more cleaned up.


John said…
We're glad you're ok!
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, John. In case you're curious, Jason and Kelly and family (and house) are fine as far as we've heard, but without electricity for probably the next week.
Glad everyone's ok!
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Bibs!