Blogging takes surprising concentration

You know, you'd think throwing up a random blog post now and then should be easy, certainly requiring much less focus than, say, writing a story. But over the past few years, I've trained myself to be able to jump in and out of a story at a moment's notice, and even if I only manage to get a paragraph or a word or a punctuation mark down, it still progresses my story. Blog posts, though, I'm used to doing at a single shot, whether they're long or short. And it seems the times when I have enough time for that are not the times when I'm able to devote two hands to typing (or else I just don't feel motivated to blog...or write an email for that matter, so I know there are several people I really ought to have written a while ago, and I hope to get to you soon...).

So in the nearly half a month since my last post, I have managed to finish the story I mentioned then. It was pretty slow going, but I feel good about it. I hope to tweak it a bit today or tomorrow and then let it lie for a while, since the submission window for the antho is a little ways off. I have no idea if it's good enough to make it in, as it's going to be a pretty exclusive thing, but it was fun to write regardless, and good to exercise my writing.

When away from the computer, I'm working on a fun project that could easily go no where. I haven't really talked about it with any writer friends yet, but maybe I'll mention some more about that later.

Over the next few weeks I expect one poem and one short story to go live, so at the least you should be seeing new posts about those when they happen. And I imagine that as we get more into a predictable schedule, things will fall into place better.