Back into writing

I'm easing back into the idea of fiction writing at the moment. I did a bit of jotting down the start to a story by pencil already several days ago, but it's such an experimental approach to a story that I need time to think things through more than I normally might. And that means that it's been hard to judge how it's going compared to before. But then the other day I saw a call for submissions on a topic that I thought might be fun to attempt--the story is still quite different from what I tend to write, but how I'm approaching it is more like how I've gotten used to approaching a new story over the past few years. This one is set in Spain, and I've been reacquainting myself with certain aspects of Spanish history and with the Leyendas of Bécquer, which is a lot of fun. In terms of his short fiction he could easily be considered the Poe of Spanish literature, though the number of stories he wrote is very few (and his poems are also highly revered, but very different from Poe's poetry).