Story completed

After moaning last week about my struggles to get back into the groove of new writing, I was able to dive back into a story I'd started back in November and finished it a couple of days ago. It felt really good to get it done, though I'm unsure how the story itself will be received. It's definitely an experimental story in its own way--not, I think, in some way that people would have a hard time following what's going on, but in a way that it could certainly be accused of being more of a travelogue than a story. It also involved inventing two unique forms of minimalist poetry. Well, sort of--one form was only used once and by a character who isn't meant to be a poet, so it wasn't necessary for that to feel like an authentic form so much as true to his character.

I'll come back to the story in a couple of days and do a quick read for any silly consistency errors or wording things and then share it with my critique partners and see what they say.

Now I have to do a bunch more revisions stuff--I'm hoping to finish this last run-through of the novel by the end of January, and I have two stories I want to polish up by mid-February at the latest. So it'll be a little while before I see if finishing that story will help me next time I'm writing something new.