Another take on online narrative

I first saw this on FantasyBookSpot this morning: A group of writers whose names should be familiar to speculative readers--Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette & Will Shetterly--has begun their own new online experiment that supposedly (based on that post on FBS) will eventually have segments more akin to TV episodes and such: Shadow Unit. I've not read broadly of any of these writers, though I think I've read something at least of each of them. The story involves FBI agents of some sort, investigating what they call anomalous crimes--doesn't sound like it'll appeal to me that much, certainly less than some of the other such experiments I've mentioned earlier, but what I'll be especially interested in is the manner they use it.

Speaking of those others, Invisible Games hasn't been updated in nearly a month. Is it dead? Is that the end they were aiming for all along? I've been enjoying it, but that seems anti-climactic. My reading of it has been scattered, and I never tried to piece together any deeper mysteries, so maybe I just missed the underlying storyline or something. Or maybe the holidays have simply got the writers off track. We'll see. Roundbottom, on the other hand had a new entry just yesterday in which a mystery is revealed.