Oh yeah...

I'd meant to mention when I was linking to Farrago's Wainscot in the other post anyway that there was a story in their last issue of 2007 that tickled my fancy--Yoon Ha Lee's "Notes on the Necromantic Symphony." It's the supposed liner notes on the, what's it called...libretto? The program they give out at the symphony to introduce it anyway, for a symphony that by legend had resulted in its first performance in the death of the composer.


They usually just call them program notes. Libretto's the text of an opera.

Sounds like an intriguing story premise. I'll have to check it out.
Daniel Ausema said…
Ah, yes. Thanks for culture-ifying me =)
Culture-ification is my job. :)

I did check out the story...very cool. I have to admit that after some of my concert-going experiences, I'm very in love with the concept of a concert hall that renders people incapable of speaking.