Robert Jordan

I'm back--still rather exhausted though. That was a lot of driving...especially with a child who had a cold. I didn't think I was as tired anymore this afternoon (we got in yesterday, and I had a good night's sleep to recover), but now it's hitting me again.

I have a tongue-in-cheek post about the trip, but I'll do that later. First I have to acknowledge the death of a writer that was once high in my esteem. While I lost interest in the series sometime in college, back in high school Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series was one of my favorites. One thing I remember striking me at the time was the way he was able to use the multiple viewpoints in different chapters to get readers (or at least me) to really feel like they knew each of the characters and understood how they might react to different things. He was not the first to do this by any means, nor the last (nor possibly the best, though it's been so long that I can't say either way), but it was a revelation to me at the time, one of the first times I remember really paying attention to the way viewpoint affects how a reader reacts to a story.