Another review of Nemonymous

There's a review of each of the stories in Nemo 7 on this forum. There's also a review from awhile ago now that I never linked to because it doesn't review all the stories, but it gives a good overview and reviews a handful. For those trying to guess who wrote what, I've been generally pleased with the reviews I've seen so far, but I'll say nothing more on that.

Also note that these stories were recently named Honorable Mentions in Year's Best Fantasy and Horror:

"Mary's Gift, the Stars, and Frank's Pisser,"
"England and Nowhere,"

So congrats to those writers, whether they include me or not. It's quite an honor. (My own reading of the antho is still going slowly because I always overestimate how much I'm going to read when I go to the library, but I have read several of these and enjoyed them--"[title removed to preserve anonymity]" especially.