Hurray for bike trailers and craigslist!

I live in one of the greatest cities for biking, with trails and bike lanes all over, one trail even within a couple of blocks of our house. Yet I haven't taken full advantage of them. Last fall already this was striking me as wrong, so I got my bike out (a late 70s Motobecane) and took a few rides before the snow came. But I was always limited by only being able to go when my wife was home with my son during the daytime and we weren't doing anything else that day. Let me assure you that such days were disappointingly rare.

So I'd been looking for a bike trailer ever since (or even before then), but I didn't want a cheap one that would fall apart after a few rides, and I couldn't justify spending the money for a new one of the type I'd really like. So I finally settled on a used one that seemed in good condition a few weeks ago.

But oops--the frame on my old bike is too close to the spokes. Doesn't work. At last found a good and not-outrageously priced bike last night (like the trailer, through craigslist), went to Home Depot this morning to get a different bolt to attach it with and was ready to go.

Then my son said he didn't want to go in the trailer. Grrr. I cajoled him and sweet talked him, and finally he willingly got in, but i just figured we'd go for a short ride around the neighborhood streets just to get him used to it. He kept asking to go farther though, so we ended up with a decent bike ride, and I'm already planning to head out some more over the next few days. My son and I know the nearby trails very well from funning on them with the jogging stroller--now it's time to explore a little farther out. Yay!