Tangent reviews Nemonymous

Ugh, it's been a tiring day, but I'm trying to get myself back into blogging, so I told myself I had to post an entry before the night's over.

So here's the link to Tangent's review of Nemonymous 7. Again I can't cheer or boo hiss about what he says about my particular story, but overall he recommends the anthology, identifying a number of them as gems. So I'll cheer for that and let everyone keep guessing which story is mine. This is fun--I keep looking at different comments and reviews to see what people think even more than if the story were identified as mine. So read the stories and guess away. I'm still flooded with different books and stories to read myself, so I'm only a handful of stories in, but I'm enjoying it. No guesses on my part just yet though.

More exciting news coming tomorrow (it's an easy way to give myself something to blog about as I get back into the hang of it).