Drabblecast story up!

Yeah, I've been away for a bit. My brother came out to visit, so I've done little writing, no blogging and minimal participation in any forums. But I did a lot of hiking and other things--so that was great fun. I've also had a bit of problems with Blogger when I have been on, with my blog not loading in Firefox sometimes. Don't know what that's about.

Anyway, my story "The Metamorphosis of the Phosphorescent Avenger" is now live at Drabblecast--follow the link at the right or just listen here (requires Quicktime 7.0.2 or later). This is one strange story. It rose from a one-hour prompt in one of my critiquing groups where we had to come up with a story that included the line "I thought you brought the dolphin." (B. A. Barnett had her story from the same prompt publishing...at Tales from the Asylum, I believe.) So I decided to take it somewhere as bizarre as I could go. A jellyfish. On drugs. Driving a car across the ocean. OK, it's a start. And it got more bizarre from there. Funny thing was, I was reading a very surreal book at the time--The Troika by Stepan Chapman--and as soon as I'd finished with the prompt and with the brief critiques for the others who'd participated, I sat down to read the next chapter. And what was it? A strange memory of one of the characters from when she was once a sea animal, and of the bizarre society that exists under the sea. There had been no hint of this society or memory in earlier chapters, nothing to have influenced my mind to think about sea creatures...but there it was, as if backward causality exists.

So I'm off now to download a newer version of Quicktime so I can listen to it. You do so too!


Beth said…
hehe...it's so hardcore.
Daniel Ausema said…
=) I haven't been able to listen to it yet, because that version of Quicktime won't install on my computer, but I hope to see if I can on my wife's computer later today.

Glad it got a chuckle!
Dang, between the shore and Odyssey, I've missed a lot of posts you made on here.

But yeah, that was From the Asylum that my dolphin story ended up in. I'm so glad yours found a home too.