My excuses

Well, I'll blame Harry Potter at least in part for my resent absence, though that only explains a couple days of it. I also couldn't seem to do a lot of writing/computer stuff in those times when my wife took Harry Potter and read it instead, so I got some other reading done as well (rereading a McKillip book and then starting a Gene Wolfe).

And staining the bookshelf has been taking a lot of time, as has trying to fix a leaky toilet. And I'm sure I could come up with other excuses if I wanted to--but really it comes done to blogging is a habit, and once you get out of that it can be hard to get back into it. Several times over the past few days I've had this New Post page up and just kept putting off writing anything.

In writing, I'm still playing around with my YA fantasy idea--I've written about five chapters so far. While I don't consider it much like Harry Potter except for also being YA, reading that did give me some ideas of what I need to improve on during rewrites. So here's hoping I can get back into blogging.