Tangent reviews All Possible Worlds

For all the things I've had published recently, this is only the second that got reviewed by Tangent. Prior to this, I'd seen a couple mentions of my story on different blogs and such, including something along the lines of "a short piece that didn't work for me," and another that basically brushed it aside as too short to deserve mention, so it was nice to get this:
"Sleep Magic" by Daniel Ausema is short but brilliant. The first two sentences grab your attention, and the rest follows through on their promise. It's short, so there's little that can be said without giving away the entire plot, but trust me, you don't want to miss this fun little piece.
I'll take that kind of review.


I saw that review earlier today. Very nice comments to get!
Daniel Ausema said…
Yeah =)
Celina Summers said…
*short but brilliant*


I'll discard my obvious train of thought and settle for a congrats!