OG's Speculative Fiction #6

This is out (follow the link in the sidebar) and includes my story "The Underground School of Lower Education." It's actually a double issue to celebrate their first half a year, so there are a number of stories as well as an interview and two poems. To keep with the tradition of explaining a bit of the origins of my stories, about a year and half ago I'd written a story set in the tunnels of a futuristic city--I wasn't trying exactly to write cyberpunk, but I wanted it to have a touch of that flavor. One of the things I included was a character from deeper underground, an underdweller. So last year when I'd had one story accepted by Jupiter World Press, I wanted to send them another for an upcoming anthology on the theme of higher education. (Being contrarian, I made it lower education.) She accepted the story immediately, and it was scheduled to be released in September. It was the week of its release date when she decided to shut down JWP (and I'm glad it wasn't a week later, because then I would have lost my first publication rights as I did with the story they published in August). So it wasn't long after this that the story found a new home, making me very pleased...and pleased again now that it's finally out.