Lloyd Alexander, 83

He was one of my favorite childhood authors, and I even reread the Prydain Chronicles a few years ago and found them still to be enjoyable. Here's the link to an article about his death. In addition to the Prydain books, I read a couple others that were a bit more modern--with guns anyway, which shocked me for a fantasy at the time, and printing presses. It's how I learned that the printer's assisstant was called the printer's devil. Westmark and Kestrel were the names, and I think there was a third that my brother discovered later and read but I never did. I don't remember a lot more about them. I think when I read them I was a little older than the target audience, and while I have no problem today going back and reading books aimed at younger readers (assuming they're actually good books, you know), we probably all go through a bit where we want to prove that we're older and shy away from things that might seem too young.

Anyway, go out and pet a Gurgi in his honor today.