Special deal on books

All right, most of you who read this already know that I'm a big fan of Jeff VanderMeer's writing, ever since I discovered the original Prime edition of his City of Saints and Madmen in my local library. And maybe some of you still haven't taken the time to go read some of his writing, and that's OK (though of course I think if you're writing fantasy, you owe it to yourself to at least be a bit familiar with the kinds of things he does in and around the edges of the genre). Anyway, right now he has a special deal for a book translated from Finnish that he really likes along with his collection of short fiction, Secret Life. $25 for two books, one signed and personalized by the author. Celina, I'll let you tell us how much that affects the value of a book. And then some other paraphrenalia to go with it. Here's the link to his blog entry.

So if you haven't been convinced yet by all my talk about his writing, give this collection a shot--the title story alone is incredibly memorable, and there are other excellent stories too. Including two stories that weren't in the edition I had read from the library, so it looks like I'll be getting a copy myself.