Obligatory Go-Vote-Now post

Well, I voted this morning, even though I had to take care of my son at the same time. He didn't much like sitting in the stroller while I was in the booth, but he liked the 'I Voted!' sticker they gave him afterward. So if you haven't voted yet and you're a US citizen, go do so. (Mark, that includes you--I don't imagine there are a lot of polling places in Kiev, but find one!)

OK, civic duty dispensed with. How to turn this around and tie it in with writing? Well, I've already written one deeply cynical story where an election is chosen by a violent game in the streets. Originally that was going to be something where the elected leaders actually made decisions by going out and playing a game, but the extra step of remove lets it comment a bit more on elected democracy itself (plus I'd half forgotten the original idea when I sat down and began writing). I'm sure there are many ways to take elections in general and some of the heated debates of this election in particular and use them as springboards for writing.

Speaking of which, I need to get some writing done this afternoon, so that's all. Happy election day.