New story at The Sword Review

My story "Treasure from the God" is now up at The Sword Review. It's a fun story (of course--I find something fun in all my stories, otherwise I never would have written it) that started from a discussion with other writers where we all decided to write a story with a deity who is far from all-powerful. The result was this story about a beggar who receives a stunning gift from the city's patron god...only to learn that the gift comes at a price, a price paid by his friends. The picture at the left is the cover for the entire issue, not just my story.

I should have an essay coming out soon at the same magazine--I just this morning received the proofs to check, and with the story there was about a week between checking the proofs and the story going up. I'll post when that's up.

Also, The Sword Review has a contest going on right now and so far low numbers of contributors. It does have a reading fee (which I usually avoid), but I like this magazine and what it does, so I'm willing to support it by adding a story (if I can just get it polished in time--I finished the rough draft this weekend, but it will need some tweaking to get rid of inconsistencies).


Anonymous said…
Ooo, pretty shiny cover picture.

Oh, and your story was good too. :p
Me said…
I like that story. Well done!!

And good luck with the contest.
Jpatrick said…
Just read that one. It had that nice fable or fairy tale feel.
Daniel Ausema said…
thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)