Out of practice

I've been back now for a couple days from Yuma, but I haven't added any new entries here. I think I've just gotten out of practice of the concept of blogging. It really is a weird creature. I've written a fair amount over the past few weeks, and done a bunch of careful editing, being rather blunt and cruel with myself. So it's been a productive writing time, but it's just been so far removed from blogging. Now that I'm back home, I find myself easily distracted from writing. Things need to be done around the house, for one thing, things I didn't have to worry about in the house apartment they provided us in Yuma. Also, I suddenly have good internet access again, so I want to catch up on all different discussion boards and blogs of others that I've missed for the past month. And one click leads to another, a mention of an other or a story sends me to Amazon and to my library's website, and pretty soon I've written nothing in an hour. Even as I wrote those last couple sentences, I remembered another forum I hadn't checked for a little while and had to see if anyone had posted things in answer to my posts. In general, I'm pretty good about not getting addicted to this type of thing, not wasting too much time posting meaningless messages or reading those of others, but every once in a while, I think my brain just needs to do something different.

Goal now--finish the chapter I'm working on.

Procrastination. That should have been the personality trait I shared on the questionaire I filled out for a JWP promotional chat session last night.