Back in town for a few days here

Well, this last stretch out in Yuma was a bit longer, and my son was definitely getting antsy to be back home. But now we've been home for a few days, and it's been really nice. We go back out tomorrow for one last week out there. I've been thinking a bit more about what's so strange about being there. Some of it is definitely the lack of trees. There are plenty of trees in town, but so little in the surrounding areas. The fields where I grew up were almost always lined with trees, and there'd often be a little area that was too wet or too something else and so it was just left wooded. Nothing like that in Yuma. Check out the google maps satellite/map hybrid of it: Yuma, CO . All those circles of irrigated fields are so striking from the satellite.

Anyway, I'm getting good writing done--more of some things than I'd expected, less of others than I'd hoped. Here's to getting a lot done this coming week. Have a great week, everyone!


Uh oh, you getting writing done means there will be more for me to fall behind on reading. :p
Celina Summers said…
hmmm.....maybe I should go to Yuma.
*snicker* what am I thinking? As if!
Daniel Ausema said…
Well, there's a lot you're both behind on now over at DD ;)