Wednesday, October 02, 2019

New place, same as the old place

Well, look at that. This is a brand new website. One that...looks exactly like the old one, for now anyway. Updating it to is just one of the behind-the-scenes things I've been working on.

In other news, The Roots of Betrayal has now been fully revised, tweaked, polished, torn apart, put back together, etc. and is now in the hands of the publisher. While I started working on the novel soon after The Silk Betrayal came out, it has especially consumed my writing time over the past few months (which may explain my lack of blogging). I don't have any other news about that to share yet, no idea of the timeline or anything. But pleased to at least get to this point.

["Psst," you say. "There's something about a newsletter up in the right-hand column, what's that about?"
"Something still coming, but hopefully more on that soon!"]

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Faux newspaper of Spire City

Looking through the ads I'd created for the Spire City stories, I came across this image that I'd forgotten about. I probably created it between writing Season 1 and Season 2, long before the series was picked up by Musa.

It's the same newspaper masthead that I've posted before, but there's an entire article, written as if those who are infected are merely delusional. Not that the infections aren't real, but that the effects described in the episodes are imagined.

The font (done on an old computer I no longer use, so I don't recall the name) mimics the way older printing used an s that looks to us more like an f (sometimes), and some other differences from modern printing. That's from a considerably earlier time period than the late Victorian-ish era of the stories, but still fun to play with.

Not the easiest to read, though...

If you puzzle through the odd letters, it's a fun tongue-in-cheek look at how those in power might undermine the claims of those infected by Orgood's serum.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Short story sale to SFFWorld's Dying Earth anthology

My story "To Climb by the Light of the Sputtering Sun" will be appearing in SFFWorld's Dying Earth anthology. Dying Earth may make you think of Jack Vance's far future stories. The anthology isn't meant as a pastiche of or tribute to his work, but that is that basic milieu for these stories, that sense of a far future world, a sun that is old, a place filled with the memories and weight of thousands of generations of people.

The full Table of Contents hasn't been announced yet, but I know that Matthew Hughes (rightly seen as an heir of sorts to Jack Vance--his penultimate-age-of-the-earth stories are fun, droll stories that I often recommend) and Sue Burke (whose novel Semiosis is generating a lot of buzz on award shortlists and recommended reading lists) will be included.

I'm very curious to see the approaches other writers took to this theme. I'll write more about my story when we get closer to publication time (which should be in just a few months, if all goes as planned).

Friday, May 31, 2019

Spire City faux ad (+social media blah blah)

The people of Spire City need to be able to travel sometimes, like anywhere else.


By the way, I've been blog silent for a while as I've been doing a variety of things in the background. The truth is that blogging feels like a carryover from an earlier time. Speaking with other writers, many nonfiction writers find it to be an essential part of their platform. Speaking to fiction writers...many don't. I've been on Twitter for years, ever since I sold a Twitter-serial to Thaumatrope something like 10 years ago, but I've always found that too overwhelming to be helpful. I always resisted creating a separate author page on Facebook from my regular one—I'm an open book, folks—but some other writers convinced me I should create a writer page to be able to make use of some of Facebook's tools. So I have a new page at Not a lot there yet, but planning to try my hand at that for now. I'm also dipping my toes in Instagram: I had an account there at some point, it looks like. Probably some app I used and didn't even realize it was adding pictures to Instagram. But I'll be putting things up there regularly too.

It doesn't mean I'm abandoning my blog. I'll still post updates when new stories sell (in fact I'll have a new announcement soon, once I'm cleared to begin talking about it!) and new things published. And I'll cross post some of what ends up on those other pages here. But if you're one of the blogging holdouts like me (or just happen across this blog for whatever other reason), you may want to follow me on those other sites as well.

I'd love to see you joining me over there!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Cities of Wonder, Rails of Irreality ebook available for pre-order

So you've been curious about this chapbook but wanting the ebook version instead? Well, National Poetry Month is an excellent time to give it a try. It combines poems, some previously published and some new, with poetic flash-story prose into something that I think you'll find entertaining.

And now the Kindle version is available for pre-order and will be released next week Tuesday. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you'll be able to read it for free. And even if you don't, consider buying a copy for your phone/tablet/ereader or whatever.

Thanks in advance!

Monday, April 08, 2019

Short story published in Mirror Dance

My story "Amid Sun and Stone, an Alias," is in the latest issue of Mirror Dance. I've longed enjoyed the stories written by the editor of Mirror Dance, Megan Arkenberg, and kept thinking I should submit a story...and never got around to it before sending in this one.

This story is a lyrical fantasy that I wrote...quite a few years ago, I guess. I was trying to capture a flavor of mythic writing that I was enjoying in various novels and stories at the time, and ended up with this story of a woman who flees her home, but leaves behind her name. And names, as any reader of fairy knows, are far more important than we humans might imagine, whether it's the name we're given or the ones we choose for ourselves.

The writers in the issue were asked to share any writing advice they might like. So read to the end, and you'll see my advice, coming from the world of improv comedy. (Not that I'm a stand-up comedian, mind you...)

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Faux ad of Spire City--entertainment!

Spire City isn't only infections, callous wealthy, and dirty alleys and tunnels. People can enjoy themselves here. When they aren't running for their lives... So maybe they'll even get a chance to hear this traveling troupe:

Like the last ad, this is a multi-column ad. Clearly a high budget campaign.