Urchin Again (and some sweet deals)

Season Three has now begun! From the first time I sat down to write out season three (roughly at the same time the season one was first being published by Musa), this first episode was called "Urchin Again." It follows Chels dealing with the devastating aftermath of the Season Two finale...

If you haven't had a chance to subscribe, then don't delay! I'll send you episode 1 right away, and you'll get the rest of the episodes as they come out.

To celebrate the release of Season Three, I've also lowered the price for the Seasons One & Two ebooks—$2.99 for Season One and $3.99 for Season Two (if you're buying in the US, and automatically converted from that elsewhere). The main links for those are also over on the Spire City tab. So now is a great time to dive into the series and find yourself caught up in the struggles of this steampunk city.