Quarter Reads stories

It's been quiet as I've been working on what to do with the Spire City series. Things are looking good for that, though. More news to come!

In the meantime, one thing that got sort of lost in the shuffle of Musa's closing was that I'd just added a few of my older published stories to a site called QuarterReads. How it works, is you can sign up for the site, deposit a few bucks, and then you have a big selection of short fiction (and poems even) to read. Each one costs you just a quarter, and they include stories from many writers, some familiar to me and some brand new.

So I had gone through a bunch of my oldest published stories, finding the ones that fit under the 2,000-word limit. I have more that I'm planning to add in the future, but for now these are the four stories that are available:

I have to say, it's been fun looking back through these older stories, some of which I've scarcely given thought to since they were published. As I add more, I'll post more links, but this should give you something to read while you're eagerly waiting for news on the new Spire City episodes...