Episode 3 "The Spires" is out, plus a couple of blog appearances

Desperate to escape thinking about her newly infected body, Chels seeks an old friend of her mother's, one of the city's singers who live their lives chained to the spires so that their songs guide the city's beetles through the maze of streets below.

As always, you can get your copy from Musa, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, and eventually other online stores as well.

Also, I have a blog swap with Martin Bolton, another Musa writer whose novel Sorrow is being serialized. This weekend I'll be putting up an interview I conducted with him. My post on his blog went up today. In this post I talk about serialization, especially focusing on what it offers readers.

And last, for today, there's a post on the Musa blog about the release of this episode. This one is simply an announcement and excerpt. Over the next few months I have several more in-depth blog posts that will be appearing there.